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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin

Kelsey actively engages in consulting work in the areas of curriculum design, community-engaged research, data collection and analysis, knowledge mobilization and knowledge translation, tourism and economic development, including rural community-based tourism and trail tourism product development, and community / stakeholder engagement , as well as in high performance sport, and sport / event hosting.

In addition to being an academic, involved in research, teaching, and service, Kelsey undertakes consulting contracts. Her consulting work is outlined below.

Kelsey's Consulting Journey

A pragmatic researcher and consultant, Kelsey's consulting journey began while working in rural community recreation and tourism development for the Corporation of the Town of Marathon, as a result of working with local non-profit recreation service providers and small and medium tourism enterprises to grow the recreation

and tourism offerings in the region. 

Since then, Kelsey has consulted on tourism development  projects, including trail tourism product development and marketing and festivals and events hosting, She also supports community-engaged and non-profit organization's research needs through customized research support, including: research design, data collection, and analysis services. 

Kelsey's consulting work in recreation tourism development is augmented by
her grant writing and proposal development work which has supported several client's successful bids for tourism development funding.

Recently, Kelsey's consulting work has also branched into areas of  curriculum design for both universities and the public sector, including micro-credential design, design and delivery of professional development training modules for the recreation and leisure sector, and short course development for non-profit organizations.

Kelsey has also consulted on high performance sport program development and individualized athlete development.

Consultancy Projects

Past and Present Consultancy Clients

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