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Teaching Interests

As an interdisciplinary scholar, with over 10 years of University teaching experience, Kelsey is prepared and interested in teaching a number of courses, spanning several key areas, including: leisure, recreation, outdoor recreation and leadership, tourism, and therapeutic recreation. Having sole-taught and development many courses in these areas, she is adept at using multiple learning management software (LMS) platforms, and in teaching across diverse delivery mechanisms (in-person, lecture-based, problem-based learning, practicums, seminars and labs, online and blended learning and in distance education formats).

You can learn about the courses and subject areas Kelsey is prepared to teach below.

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Leisure & Recreation

Broadly speaking, Kelsey is interested in teaching and has sole developed and taught leisure courses in the following areas: Introduction to Recreation and Leisure, Urban Recreation, Concepts in Recreation and Leisure, Introduction to Leisure Research, and Events & Convention Management. Additionally, in Spring 2021, and Spring 2022, Kelsey taught a graduate seminar course focused on Issues in Leisure, Place and Space.

Outdoor Recreation & Leadership

Kelsey is interested in teaching and has sole developed and taught outdoor recreation and leadership courses spanning: Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Natural Environments, Outdoor Recreation & Society (with Seminar), Programming Planning Principles, Programming and Evaluation, Risk Management in Outdoor Recreation, and Outdoor Centre Management.

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Kelsey is interested in teaching and has sole developed and taught tourism courses ranging from Introduction to Tourism, Leisure Travel, Global Tourism, Theory & Practice of Tourism, Agritourism, Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism, Advanced Sustainable Nature-Based Tourism,  and Anthropology of Tourism. In 2016, Kelsey also co-taught a weekly long intensive and immersive, research and practice-based, Ecotourism Field School at Orokonui Ecosanctuary through the Department of Tourism at the University of Otago (New Zealand).

Therapeutic Recreation

Kelsey is interested in teaching and has sole developed and taught therapeutic recreation courses from the introductory level up to and including specialized, advanced upper year, courses such as: Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation, Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation Practice, Theories & Evidence for Therapeutic Recreation Practice, Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation, and Adventure Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation. In Winter 2020, Kelsey also co-supervised a Therapeutic Recreation Camp Placement and Directed Study project in conjunction with Camp Quality's National Office.

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