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Broken Marble

Research Projects


Water Recreation, Well-Being and Tourism in the Finnish Lakeland Region

The Water Recreation, Well-Being and Tourism Project is a mixed methods research that focuses on the experiential, economic, and societal value of blue spaces, particularly from the perspective of recreation, well-being, and tourism. This research is situated within the context of the Finnish Lakeland Region.


Outdoor Adventure Activities and Subjective Wellbeing

This international collaborative and comparative study explores the subjective well-being outcomes of outdoor adventure activity participation in the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Canada and Finland. 


Grand Watershed Trails Network
Trail-Based Recreation & Tourism

The Grand Watershed Trails Network Project is a joint collaboration between the researchers affiliated with the Trail Research Hub and the University of Waterloo's Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, as well as community partners, including the Grand Watershed Trail Network, Regional Tourism Organizations (RTO 1RTO 3, and RTO 4), and Six Nations Tourism.


Exploring the Culture of WWOOF Participation in New Zealand

Kelsey's doctoral dissertation examined the culture of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) participation in New Zealand, including the experience and meaning of participation across all program levels (organization, host and guest). Using phenomenology-based ethnographic methods, data was collected during seven months of immersive fieldwork, using participant observation, fieldnotes, reflexive journaling, key informant interviews, and included secondary analysis of organizational documents, videos and photographs.


Trails and
Social Enterprise

The Trails and Social Enterprise Research Project is a longitudinal research project investigating how community-based trail organizations can function under a social enterprise model. This research seeks to identify key trends impacting trail use in Canada, and to determine what governance structures can best support and grow trails in communities across Canada as meaningful outdoor recreation and tourism resources.


Nature  Journaling, Place Attachment & PebblePad

This SoTL project explores the use of nature journaling as a part of online experiential learning seminars aimed at fostering place attachment, while promoting pro-environmental attitudes and nature stewardship among university students using an online peer collaborative platform called PebblePad. 

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