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Stuffed Kumara

​​This recipes was shared by a British Expat WWOOF Host as a part of Kelsey's fieldwork in Central Otago. The recipe was selected because of its versatility / adaptability, ease of preparation, filling nature, and use of kumara (multicoloured New Zealand sweet potatoes that can be a range of orange skinned and fleshed, purple skinned and yellow fleshed, to purple skinned and purple fleshed, and red skinned and yellow-white fleshed).


3 large yellow or orange kumara (roasted until soft)
2 spring onions (diced)
1 stick celery (chopped)
½ red pepper
3 rashers bacon
1” thick slice of fresh pineapple (diced)
1 cup grated cheese (parmesan, tasty or white cheddar)
Fresh coriander
Sour Cream
Sweet Chili Sauce


  1. Halve the roasted sweet potatoes, and scoop insides into a large mixing bowl. Set aside, along with kumara skins.

  2. Dice rashers of bacon, and fry on medium heat until almost done.

  3. Add diced spring onion, celery and red pepper to pan; sauté until cooked through.

  4. Add sautéed bacon and vegetable mixture and pineapple to reserved kumara insides; mix well to combine. 

  5. Spoon combined kumara, bacon, veggies and pineapple mixture into kumara skins. Top with grated cheese.

  6. Bake at 180°C / 350°F for 15 minutes or until cheese in melted and starting to brown.

  7. Serve with sour cream, sweet chili sauce and fresh coriander.

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